With an open source political platform, the public will help make the decisions on individual issues:  “We’re not asking you to vote for me; we’re asking you to vote for YOU. We are starting a movement for a more open and transparent local government. I am not a politician. I am a Husband, Father, and Edmontonian; and I want to bring common sense to the City Council.” Make a difference and Vote HOPE for a Better Edmonton!

Fact-based decision making with 100% transparency and input from the Edmontonians who are paying for it.

The Movement:

 YOU can have your say on the issues with our online survey, but Mark Hope already has these ideas ‘for a better Edmonton’:


Photo Radar needs to be changed. I will only support photo radar to make high accident areas safer. This should not be a revenue generator.

Speed limits also need to be addressed.  Some roadways seem to have unrealistic limits put on them, such as the Henday and Whitemud.

Likewise, road construction needs to begin on added lanes to major arteries, and Terwillegar Dr should be the freeway it was meant to be.

Public Transit needs improving. Road congestion can be improved by moving towards a quick and convenient mass transit system.


By nature, I am financially conservative.  Tax money doesn’t come to the city for free.  It is hard-earned money from tax payers, who deserve a City Council who spend it wisely.  Millions of Dollars are being wasted, and I won’t stand for it.


Open Government

Edmontonians deserve more input in running the city, rather than have a City that runs them.  Transparency should mean full disclosure before a decision is final. 


  1. Branden

    Mark is awesome!!! Vote for Him

    • mark.hope

      Thank-you. You are also awesome!

  2. walter

    Well good on you Mark. We will need a lot of faith to go with hope as people keep voting the same old Dinosaur as it has a long history. Making in roads on the real trail is not so easy. But people want it then vote for it. Good luck

    • mark.hope

      Thank-you Walter, It is greatly appreciated. I hope you did the survey here!


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